01. I took a photo of the bicycle race, but it's so [blurry] that you can't see anything.
02. The optometrist put some drops in my eyes, and now everything looks [blurry].
03. Everything was a [blur] after the doctor put drops in my eyes.
04. Is that you in the picture? It's too [blurry] for me to tell.
05. These photos are all [blurry]. Are you using the right shutter speed?
06. The cars went by so fast that they were just a [blur].
07. My vision went [blurry], and I felt light-headed just before I passed out.
08. Arnold Toynbee once said that the supreme accomplishment is to [blur] the line between work and play.
09. We travelled all around Europe for a month, and we went to so many places that everything seems like a [blur].
10. The distinction between right and wrong is easily [blurred] when you get into really complex moral issues.
11. She has an infection in her eye that is causing some [blurriness] in her vision, but it should clear up with medication.
12. Computer graphics are beginning to [blur] the line between animation and live action in films.
13. Most of my memories of the evening are a [blur] because I had so much to drink.
14. The British players were a [blur] of activity as they tried desperately to score a goal in the final minute of the match.
15. He looked up [blurrily] from where his drink was sitting in front of him to the angry face of his wife.
16. The photos I took with my digital camera look good, but if I try to enlarge them, they turn out pretty [blurry].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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